Kaspersky 2017 Review: A Veteran Antivirus Software Company

The Kaspersky Lab has been around for a long time and has acquired quite a stellar reputation in the world of cyber security.

Rated as a top choice for antivirus software by multiple independent security institutes, Kaspersky positions itself as a global industry leader and remains focused in the fight against malware on the web.

AV-test and other security testing labs list Kaspersky as one of the best antivirus providers with excellent products at competitive prices.


Kaspersky Total Security 2017

Expires Tomorrow

In this Kaspersky review I will cover all the important aspects of the software and the complete range of products Kaspersky Lab offers.

Kaspersky - A veteran antivirus software company

A veteran antivirus software company - Kaspersky

Pros and Cons


  • Highest protection and detection scores
  • Great hands-on test results


  • No ransomware protection

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Kaspersky Lab offers its users 30-day fully-functional free trials for home, small business, and large enterprise products.

Moreover, if you purchase any product and would like a refund, you have 30 days in which to claim it. You can submit a refund request by looking up your order and requesting a refund option to submit your request.

Background of Kaspersky

A household name in the world of cyber security from 1997, Kaspersky operates in 200 countries with 37 offices spread over 32 countries, and the head office in Moscow and holding company in the UK.

This veteran antivirus software company boasts a team of 3,300 antivirus specialists who provide home users, businesses, large corporations, and governments with state of the art cyber security technology to combat cyber criminal activities. The technology safeguards their users' (400 million of them) privacy, finances, family, critical information, and business success. 

Kaspersky has been coined the leaders in endpoint security by expert analyst agencies such as IDC, Forrester, and Gartner, and the company continues to grow in the field on non-endpoint security for larger enterprises.

The expert team constantly detects and remedies very sophisticated cyber threats, including cyber sabotage and cyber espionage, and then places them in the Targeted Cyberattack Logbook.

Comparison: Which Product is Right for You?

Seeing that Kaspersky is a veteran antivirus software company, all of their packages will ensure secure coverage from security threats and malware.

Surprisingly, they do not include anti-ransomware protection, but besides that you are in very good hands with other added features to make up for it.

Comparison Table of Kaspersky Home Products

Kaspersky Comparison Table of Home Products

My Recommendation

I recommend going for the Anti-Virus if all you need is to be fully safeguarded against security threats and attacks. If you need that extra kick or have children, I'd say you should go for the Total Security with all the added extras. 


Kaspersky Total Security 2017

Expires Tomorrow

Business Packages

Kaspersky Lab offers different business packages for different categories of business, namely:

  1. Businesses with 1 - 50 employees
  2. Businesses with 51+ employees
  3. Enterprises with 1000+ employees

All of them have several antivirus software packages with endpoint security and features such as: anti-spam, anti-phishing, malware protection, password manager, data back-up, safe money technology, web controls, application and device controls, web console, file and disk encryption, and much more.

It all depends on the size and needs of the business to come to an informed decision about which product to go for.

Key Features

Let's have a look at what each feature entails so that you can make an informed decision about which package works for you.

Antivirus Scan

Kaspersky offers 4 scanning options, namely:

  1. Quick Scan
  2. Full Scan
  3. Selective Scan
  4. External Devices Scan

Scan selections on Kaspersky

Kaspersky scan selections

I put the quick and full scan to the test in order to measure the speed and performance for comparison purposes.

I use the same dedicated standalone PC for all the tests I run to ensure that the results are comparable. The PC has a clean Windows 10 64-bit installation and all available Windows updates are installed. To be specific, the computer hardware has 4GB RAM, and is an Intel Core i7 CPU 3.20 GHz.

Kaspersky's quick scan time

Quick scan time on Kaspersky

The quick scan took: 16 seconds

That is quick for a first initial scan.

The full scan took: 4:50 minutes.

The overall performance of Kaspersky Lab is impressive with no significant system slow-down.

Kaspersky's full scan in process

Full scan in process on Kaspersky

Kaspersky's full scan time

Full scan time on Kaspersky

BestAntivirus.Reviews Hands-on Performance Test

Although AV-Test is accurate and  professional, we want to give our readers a broader picture so they can relate to the day-to-day influence of the Kaspersky product on an average user's computer performance.

All of our tests are performed on the same computer system described up top.

I investigate 3 parameters:

  1. CPU usage
  2. Memory usage
  3. Hard disk (read/write) usage

I monitor these parameters during several key moments.

  1. A clean windows installation without any software.
  2. A full antivirus installation following software updates and a computer reboot.
  3. During a full scan process of the antivirus.

These are the results:

Kaspersky's System Performance Impact

System performance impact by Kaspersky

Idle - Windows 10 without Kaspersky

Windows 10 without Kaspersky - Idle

Kaspersky idle installation CPU and memory usage

CPU and memory usage by an idle Kaspersky installation

Kaspersky during a full scan - CPU and memory usage

CPU and memory usage by Kaspersky during a full scan

The score for Kaspersky after my hands-on performance test is therefore 87%

Antivirus Engine

Powerful and sophisticated, Kaspersky Lab's antivirus engine protects against attacks, malware, spyware and other threats. The only attack you won't be protected from is a ransomware attack.

Other than that, the antivirus engine is built to secure PCs, Mac and Android devices.

Kaspersky's cloud-assisted security combats infections and attacks, blocks spam and ad banners, and keeps your software up to date. You will also receive warnings about any dodgy sites.

The Kaspersky antivirus engine is a star according to test results by independent testing organizations.

BestAntivirus.Reviews Hands-On Malware Protection Test

The malware protection test is performed on the same clean computer as I mentioned earlier.

In this test, we demonstrate how well Kaspersky takes on a 1,000 of the newest malware files.



Our test results clearly show that Kaspersky offers a top-notch malware protection engine that scored a whopping 94 in our hands-on test!


Our privacy is the number one thing to safeguard online, and Kaspersky does just that. Snoopers and phishers won't be able to manipulate their way into your system with their host of ways to steal information. 

Your online activities are monitored so that unauthorized usage of sensitive information is blocked right away when you connect to a private network or your family's webcam.

Kaspersky's Anti-phishing
Anti-phishing on Kaspersky

Safe Surfing

With the parental control settings, anti-phishing mechanism, and the intelligent spam filter working together, Kaspersky ensures that users can enjoy safe surfing without any threats and attacks.

Gamer Mode

If you want to use your PC or device for games, surfing, movies and downloads, you can activate the gamer mode.

This means that the scans which take place in the background will be put on pause in order for the full system performance to be dedicated to your chosen activity.

Additional Features of Kaspersky


The firewall component safeguards your security on local networks and on the Internet. 

All your network connections are monitored in order to block the ones that can be harmful to your PC.

With this feature, you can disallow certain applications to access the Internet in the first place.

You can find the firewall under the Protection setting, and from there you can configure the tool according to your preferences in terms of which systems to block.

Kaspersky's firewall settings
Firewall settings on Kaspersky

Kaspersky's firewall configuration

Firewall configuration on Kaspersky

Spam Filtering

Kaspersky's intelligent spam filtering reduces traffic so that unnecessary ads and mails are scanned beforehand and filtered out if need be.

Parental Control

If you are concerned about your children's vulnerability online, then have no fear!

Kaspersky's parental control features will steer your kids away from online hazards by blocking inappropriate content, applications, and websites. 

Note: You cannot block facebook with parental control.

What's more:

You can also manage and monitor your kids' messaging on any social media platform.

Kaspersky's parental configuration

Parental control confiiguration on Kaspersky

Kaspersky's parental control blocking selections

Parental Control Blocking Selections on Kaspersky

Secure Connection (VPN)

This is another tool to keep your sensitive data from being accessed on WiFi hot spots, the Internet, and public and private networks.

The secure VPN connection will be established by default to the nearest VPN server.

Kids Monitoring

This takes your kids' safety to another level and is different from parental control.

The Kaspersky Safe Kids safeguards your children with advanced technology such as: GPS safe zones, usage scheduling, and notifications.

You can select areas or zones in your city that have night clubs and bars. If your kids are there, you will get a notification.

You can also monitor all your kids communication espionage-style, including Facebook activity, SMSes, WhatsApp, and more.

If you want a limit on the time your kids spend on their devices, this feature lets you determine their usage time on the web and devices.

Password Manager

This attribute allows users to store all their passwords in one safe place for easy access.

There is no longer a need to memorize long-winded, complex passwords because each family member will only need to remember one master password. With this master password everyone can access all the individual passwords from their PCs and devices. 

File Shredder

A nifty tool, the file shredder prevents unauthorized recovery by hackers of files that you have deleted on the system.

It is a permanent data deletion tool that makes data recovery with standard software tools impossible.

Data can be deleted without a trace from local and network drives, as well as removable drives or other devices that are recognized as removable drives, such as: USB disks, floppy disks, cell phones, and memory cards.

Online Backup

Kaspersky knows how much people value their files, photos, and documents because they contain memories and vital information. With the online backup tool, you can back up your files so that you will never lose these irreplaceable memories.

File Encryption

The information on your files is extremely confidential and personal, right? This is why Kaspersky developed the file encryption technology so that the files can't be read if they are lost or stolen.

Kaspersky for Mac

The Internet Security for Mac offers premium protection for every aspect of a user's digital life, whether it be protection, privacy, money, and more.

The product is designed with sophisticated technologies that prevent your online activities from being tracked, defends against cyber criminals and hackers, and protects your kids when they browse the Internet.

There is also what's called Safe Money technology which won an award in 2015. This technology adds extra security when you shop or bank online.

Some of the attributes to expect are automatic updates to your Mac computer, simple security management and access support, prevention of the Mac from spreading PC and Android malware, kids' safety protection, and more.


Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac

Expires Tomorrow

Kaspersky for Android

Kaspersky offers Internet Security for Android which offers a wide range of tools and features to combat mobile malware and internet threats.

Your device, data, and privacy will be protected even if your device is lost or stolen.

Users can expect immediate response to new threats, premium anti-malware protection, detection of malicious URLs and fraudulent sites, protection against phishing attempts, simple online management via My Kaspersky, management via the Android Wear devices, and remote control of a lost or stolen device with anti-theft capabilities.

There is also the Smartwatch support tool that allows you to use your Android Wear to manage the security settings with voice commands.


Kaspersky Internet Security for Android

Expires Tomorrow

User-Friendly Security

Kaspersky keeps things simple and accessible with a well-designed dashboard. 

The dashboard contains all main settings and categories on hand so the user can navigate around the system worry-free.

All the vital information is listed on the main screen with the scan status at the top and license and trial periods mentioned below the panels.

Kaspersky is also aware of the fact that nobody wants to waste time getting to grips with a complex security system, and this is why they provide a free My Kaspersky account to manage your security from anywhere that you have online access.

Kaspersky's control panel

Control panel on Kaspersky

System Requirements

If you're going to pick Kaspersky as your ultimate antivirus provider then you will need the following:

PC users need Windows XP, Vista, or 7-10, an Intel Pentium processor at 1 GHz and faster, 1 GB of RAM (2 GB for a x64 system), and 800 MB of free disk space.

Android users will need version 4 or later.

Mac users need to have OS X 10.9 - 10.11 with 1.5 GB of RAM and about 1 GB of free disk space.

Customer Support

If you need sales, technical, website, or general information support, Kaspersky has you covered by phone or email.

Every country and region has different numbers and email addresses for the different departments, and all of them operate during work day hours at the local times.

This means there is no 24/7 customer support or live chat, but we suppose for a veteran antivirus software they know what they are doing, so hopefully you won't need that much customer care.

There are also FAQs and technical support sections for home and business users to consult.

Certifications and Awards

Kaspersky Lab has earned a lot of internationally recognized awards and certificates.

This is testament to how strong a competitor they are in the world of antivirus, especially because Kaspersky is a veteran antivirus software company. 

Kaspersky scores high in comparative tests carried out by testing labs and IT publications such as AV-Test, AV Comparatives, PC World, and many others.

Value for Money

While Kaspersky isn't the cheapest of the antivirus software providers, I can confidently say that you will be investing in a strong and reliable product if you decide to purchase one of the products.

With a veteran antivirus software provider status, Kaspersky Lab offers advanced features to combat malware and offer full protection without compromising your PC and devices performance.

My Conclusion


  • Highest protection and detection scores
  • Great hands-on test results


  • No ransomware protection

Kaspersky Lab is a top choice in the world of antivirus protection.

This veteran antivirus software company has been around for long and is aware of all the old and new tricks of the trade used by hackers and cyber criminals.

To put it simply, you will be able to sleep soundly at night if you are secured with Kaspersky!


Kaspersky Total Security 2017

Expires Tomorrow

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Kaspersky is a global leader in fighting malware that provides a complete range of tools for both home and business users to stay safe online, regardless of the device or operating system you're using. It is not called a veteran antivirus software company for nothing with its advanced features, user-friendly interface, and strong performance.

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9.8 / 10 stars


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